Instructions for Workshops
In my endeavor to keep the prices down for my services, I will put as many documents as possible on this web site in order that you may print out and download all the documents needed for the workshops.
1. Registration Form: Please complete the Registration form with your e-mail address and a local phone number where I may reach you in the event that an emergency arises and a workshop session needs to be rescheduled. Your e-mail address is important as there may be times when I will e-mail links for you to access documents which will be important to you.  Please click here to bring the Registration form to your screen and then use the Print option in your browser to print it.

2. Pre-Test: As an educator, I like to have my students contemplate and indicate their current perceptions of topics which will be covered in the course of the program before the process begins and then come back afterwards to revisit their original answers and compare to see how much more awareness they have of covered topics after the course/program is completed. Not only does it help them to determine how much knowledge they have gained from the program or course, but it also points out to me where I may need to make some changes to do a more effective job of teaching. Please contemplate and complete the "pre-test" before you come to the first session as I move quickly in order to present the maximum amount of material in the least amount of time. I will collect these papers and give them back to you at the end of the course. You will compare your answers with those on the "post-test" after the program has been completed to see how much insight you have gained. No, there will NOT be a grade. This is for the above-stated purposes only. Please click here to bring the Pre-Test form to your screen and then use the Print option on your browser to print it so you may fill it out and bring it with you completed.

3. Strengths and Weaknesses:
4. Needs and Resources (Yours and Theirs):
5. Categories of Relationship Negotiation:
6. Post-Test:

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