Personal-Self Quest & Relationship Negotiations Workshop
After you have made your reservations and completed the registration form, please print and complete this PreTest and bring it with you to the first session. During the last session you will take a PostTest and compare to see how much you have learned. You will undoubtedly be surprised and delighted. Don't spent too much time. Please go with your gut reactions off the top of your head.
Judi Stifel
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List Your Strengths List Your Weaknesses List Your Needs Lists Your Resources
Please interpret these questions any way they are meaningful to you, not what you think I want.


Your (*-*) Gives You: Your (*-*) Fails to Give: Your (*-*) Needs: Your (*-*)'s Strengths:
These answers apply to your Mate, Significant Other, Friend, Parent, Child, whoever applies here.


List Your Dreams: List Your Goals: What Do You Have? What Do You Want?


Describe who you are now:



Describe who you were as a child:



Describe who you want to be:



Describe what means "Happiness" to you:




Describe who would be part of your happiness and how:



Describe how others see you:



Describe what you think it means to "Negotiate" a relationship:



Describe what you hope to get out of this workshop:



Describe how you have been feeling lately:



Describe what you think would make you feel happy:



Your Name (Printed):                                                                          Today's Date:

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