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"Personal Learning Style" May be the Hidden Problem!

Schools do NOT Test or Work with

"Personal Learning Styles"

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Expert Academic & Life Skills
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by Judi Stifel, Consultant & Coach
One-on-One • Groups • Workshops
I can teach almost anyone Math and Algebra successfully to anyone.

Coaching, Tutoring, PC Computer Training


One-on-Ones, Groups, Workshops, Lectures:

• Learning Style Assessment & Development
• Test and Analysis of Brain Learning Style
• Master Test Anxiety
• Test Prep & Support
• Learn & Study Effectively
• Bring Grades Up
• Math & Algebra Made Easy
• Essay Writing
• Build Self–Esteem & Confidence
• Manage Stress
• Overcome Fear & Anxiety
• Assertiveness Training
• Student & Family Support
• Children & Adults All Ages
Some Questions About Your Child:
  1. Is your Child having problems in School?
  2. Does your Child feel "weird" or "different," and that they don't seem
    to "Fit" in School, at Home, or in their Peer group?
  3. Is your Child hard to understand?
  4. Does your Child seem Angry, Fearful, Frustrated, Defiant?
  5. Is your Child already discouraged and defeated about their grades?
  6. Is your Child Shy and Withdrawn?
  7. Does your Child lack Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?
  8. Do you think your Child is "Gifted," but the school has labeled them as "Disabled?"
  9. Does your Child have difficulty Organizing study time and school work?
  10. Is your Child lost in Math or Algebra?
  11. Does your Child need help in writing Essays?
  12. Does your Child have Test Anxiety?
  13. Does your Child need to Learn How to Learn to bring grades up?
  14. Is your Child in trouble with Society?
Graduate Work in Clinical Psychology & Private Professional Research — Specialties in:

• Test Anxiety Management — Learn to prepare for tests without debilitating anxiety.
• Effective Study Skills / Maximize Grades — Learn to use your brain effectively to improve grades.
• "Personal Self" Assessment & Development — Understand yourself and others at the core.
• Self-Esteem & Confidence Building — Claim your positive personal power.
• Relationship Communication / Language of Intimacy — Improve your relationships.
• Relationship Management / Negotiation — Learn how to Negotiate new relationships
   or ReNegotiate old ones.
• Social Cues Development —Reading Unspoken language, expressions, paraverbals.
• Decision & Fear Management — Manage Irrational Fears and turn them into "Velvet Spiders."
• Anger Management — Redirect anger to an energy of positive power.
• Understanding & Expressing Feelings — Permission for Positive Feelings and Needs.
  This is an Unrecognized Core Issue for Men!
• Overcoming Fear of Intimacy — This is literally Starving us to Death! Love and Intimacy
  is the vital Core of relationship. We must start to overcome this problems NOW!!!

Fee Schedule for Life Skills & Academic Coaching &
Personal-Self Enrichment & Relationships Management,

Programs • One-on-One • Workshops • Private Groups
***Unique Solutions: Concisely, Effectively, Immediately  NOW!!!

**NOTE: All of the programs which I offer are very unique and exclusively created by me based on my own vast and diverse professional experience and research and are based on the very solid positive and predictable results which I have achieved with my clients over many years. All of my approaches and methodologies are presented with a "unique slant," from the perspective of science, logic, and "normal" Temperament, so I maintain a "no-fault" atmosphere where there is never a "bad guy" in the process of solving problems. This is NOT "therapy," and it is like nothing else you have ever experienced before. If you or others in your life are unhappy, but have not known where to go or what to do, sign up today because you have just been rescued. My programs are not offered elsewhere. If you have had problems without solutions, don't think that your situation has no solutions. I would pledge my word to you that you have found your solutions now because I can and will help. Thanks, Coach Judi :-)

# 1 – Academic Coaching/ Mentoring for Children, Adolescents, and Adults:

Programs Currently Available for One-on-One In-Person, Telephone Counseling Sessions, or Groups: (For more details, see "Fee Schedule" below:)
&nbs  Program or Group Fee Time Participants Location
Learning Style Assessment & Advisement   $140.00 2-Hours Children & Adults Open
Brain Learning Style Assessment & Advisement $140.00 2-Hours Children & Adults Open
Math & Algebra Cure Math/Algebra $140.00 Basics
$280.00 Advanced
4- Hours
Children & Adults Open
Maximizing Grades & Overcoming Test  Anxiety Learn How to get Grades Up and Excel on Tests $280.00 4-Hours Children & Adults Open
Essay Writing Made EasyWriting made easy. $280.00 4-Hours Children & Adults Open
One-on-One Coaching— Private Life Skills, Fear Management, Time Management, Communications, and Relationship Coaching with a "slant" based on normal Temperament and "no-fault," non-therapy, purely  educational models. $70.00/ Hr. Per Hour Children & Adults Open
Peer Encounter Groups—Round-Table discussions for youth to share and support on issues of their choice. $60.00 per student
Per Hour 3+ Children
You Choose
Groups—Above  programs are available for Privately-Organized Groups as per these fee schedules. The number of hours for these programs is rated per student instead of by the program. More students tend to take more than the stated time so I have to apply an hourly rate per student for these groups. $60.00 per student
Per Hour 3+ Children
You Choose
# 2 – Building Self-Enrichment, Positive Communications, Relationship Negotiations, & Crisis Management Skills for Adults, Adolescents, & Families: Making Life a "Win-Win" Proposition!
***Personal-Self Enrichment & Relationships Negotiating:

(No Matter How Your Life Is Now, It Could Be Happier INSTANTLY!)

s I professionally guide you through a unique Journey into Self-Enrichment, you will build heightened and shared self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-actualization, learning skills, and strategies for profoundly improving your personal and business relationships and communications with your life partner, significant other, spouse, children, parents, friends, business associates, and co-workers in the workplace. This workshop focuses on teaching Life Enrichment and Relationship Management skills with a very "different slant" from the perspectives of normal "Temperament" differences and other tools which are the unique and exclusive products of my amazing private research discoveries over the years—and, thus, never before available to anyone. My coaching sessions are based purely on an educational model where there are "no faults," no "bad guys," no "therapy," and no need for same, and where the materials are all highly-concise and bring instant results, NOW, when you need them the most.
Private Personal Enrichment/ Relationship Coaching     (Day or Evening) $70.00/ Hr. Per Hour Adult & 12 or Older Child Open
Private "Family/Couple Crisis Management" Coaching (Day or Evening) Couple or Family Sessions in the home (Day, Evening, Weekend) $90.00/ Hr. Per Hour Adults/Children/
In Private Home
"Personal-Self Quest & Relationships Management" Workshops   — There will be a total of 8, 2-Hour sessions for a total of 16 hours in this program. The workshops need to be taken in order as they are sequenced as an educational model in which basic foundations are created and structure is then built, session-by-session, on those foundations. This workshop is intended for the enrichment of Adult individuals, life partners, family members, friends, and co-workers, but Adolescents of age 12 and above are encouraged to join with parents in these Workshops. This could be the most important investment you have ever made in your child, your family, and the future
Personal Enrichment & Relationship Workshops - (Day or Evening) Groups of 2 - 10 participants. Please call to schedule. $90.00 per session 2 Hours Adult & 12 or Older Child with Parent Open

Personal Enrichment & Relationship Workshops at your location
and your day or time, including weekends and evenings
for Groups from 10 to 20 Participants

"Personal-Self Quest & Relationships Management" Workshops  — There will be a total of 8, 2-Hour sessions for a total of 16 hours in this program. The workshops need to be taken in order as they are sequenced as an educational model in which basic foundations are created and structure is then built, session-by-session, on those foundations. This workshop is intended for the enrichment of Adult individuals, life partners, family members, friends, business associates, and co-workers, but Adolescents of age 12 and above are encouraged to join with parents in these Workshops. This could be the most important investment you have ever made in yourself,  your life partner, your child, your family, and the future

Workshops(10 to 20) Eight (8) Sessions  Fee Day Hours Time Location
Personal Enrichment & Relationship Workshops : this workshop is offered for groups of 10 to 20 participants and meets at time and location of your choice.  Participants will be asked to attend the 8, 2-hour sessions in the order of their weekly presentation as the knowledge base builds from basic to advanced. $60.00 Open 2 Hrs Open Your Choice
*Accelerated Workshops & Weekend Seminars: (2 Consecutive 8-hr Days) TBA TBA 16 Hrs 9 am to 6 pm Your Choice
** "This will be one of the BEST Investments you will ever make!"

Adolescents 12 Years of Age and Older in  Workshops:

These workshops are targeted for adults and children of age 12 years and up. I have had a great deal of success with Parent/Child working together on Personal-Self Questing and learning about themselves together to share mutual discovering, understanding, and respect. They have begun together to achieve new self-esteem and have learned to appreciate their differences and what they have in common. They have learned how to understand and communicate more effectively. The results have been that both parent and child achieve their own major increase in self-esteem and self-confidence and also have improved all of their relationships and created a very special bond between them. This is the launching pad for the child to get a grasp on  antisocial behavior at home, in school, and with their peers and also has helped them to greatly improve their academic performance. I have had child clients who were court-ordered for such serious issues as drugs and violence and worked with them from this educational perspective with their parent(s) and the results have been even more than I would have believed possible. I highly recommend that troubled youth come through this workshop with a parent, or have private coaching if they can manage to do that instead. The results have been extremely dramatic and I would encourage parents to consider this as an invaluable opportunity to invest in the best possible education for their child.

To Schedule an Appointment or Schedule a Workshop:
Appointment In-Person or Telephone Counseling  

Please pay in advance of first session. 

To Schedule an Appointment or Plan a Group or Weekend Seminar:
Appointment In-Person or Telephone Counseling 

Scheduled Workshops will be based on your Dates, Time, and Location


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Personal-Self Quest Relationships Negotiating
Life Skills Academic Coaching Mentoring

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