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I Invite you to participate in a Private Educational Program for Your Group
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       I will lead you safely to shore.

—The Culmination of my years of intensive research —

Let's Find Your Dreams FIRST and then Chase Them!

Discover your Strengths
Fall in Love with Yourself
Build your Inner Strength & Self-Confidence
NO "Bad Guys," no "Faults,"  no "Guilts," no "Shoulds"
ONLY search for the Strengths NOT Weaknesses!
The Healing Process Begins with Education, NOT "Therapy"!
Waste no more Time. The Puzzle has no more missing pieces.
The Completed Puzzle Explains You, Me, and All of Our

Amazingly Logical, Obvious, Simple Answers!
Follow me, and I will Share them with you... 
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Freedom to Chase Your Dreams

**People today are in a hurry and they don't want to read, so I'm not writing volumes here—just enough to give you an idea of what these workshops are all about. They will answer the questions posted on this site and more that I have not posted. Join us to nourish your mind, your body, your soul. Stay as long as you like or leave if you are not satisfied. There are no contracts or obligations. It could be the "Sixteen Hours That Change Your Life" and the best investment you have ever made. Please join us for Gourmet food for the mind and the body and find out. Your future happiness is at stake.**

My background is so diverse that I take the approach of an Educator/Coach and I transcend the traditional therapeutic model, which I find falls short of addressing the *REAL* causes for these problems and fails to come up with a solution, and always finds a "bad guy" in the process. I have been a "Clinical Psychotherapist" and a "Family Therapist" and an "Addiction Professional" for various mental health agencies and I have never found that any of the conventional/traditional model have ever solved these "Adult Situational Problems" which we ALL suffer as we face a very dysfunctional modern-day society with stresses based much less on the economy than most people would suppose and much more on damages to us as unique human beings as members of a species struggling to remain "fit" enough to survive.

In my workshops, I will present to you, so logically, the conclusions of my many years of education, life-experience, professional counseling experience, and all of the intensive research which I have done on my own and then applied to clients in both my private practice and as a more traditional "therapist" within the conventional "systems" where I have observed that there has often been little actual help in reaching the heart of the problems and more attempt to treat the symptoms than finding and treating the cause.

The workshops go immediately right to the heart of the problems using an educational approach so that in eight (8) weeks, sixteen (16) hours or your time and mine invested in this Teaching/Learning process, you will come away with an amazing number of answers, strategies, and new directions to take to reach your current goals and some which you probably don't even know you have. When you learn the causes behind the symptoms, as stated in the above questions, you will see that there are no "bad guys," no one is "at fault," and no one needs to feel attacked. We are all in this soup together and we have to get out of it together. I can lead the way.

There are bad events from the past in our society which we pay for today and we are both the "innocent victims" and the ones who can become educated and try to help ourselves, those who we love, and hopefully, pass this education on to the next generations in our culture to see if we can make a difference and prevent the problems from continuing. We need to be accountable and break the cycle of pain which is causing the break-up of the American family and the resultant problems of addiction and violence in our culture.
Please come to my workshops and learn to identify the problems and the solutions and how you can take control and wield the power in your own life and the lives of those you care about.. and learn to share power and achieve balance in your relationships.

This is the general path we will be taking:  See Details for Content

. Identify and Explore your Temperament / Personal-Self and Components.
2. Discover the Natural Imprint and how it was interrupted.
3. Discover why Men and Women Speak Different Languages and
    how to correct it.
4. Learn what went wrong with Love and Intimacy and how to correct it.
5. Learn how Anger, Frustration, Defiance, Violence, and Addiction fit into the picture.
6. Men, learn how to read women and women learn how to talk to men.
7. Search yourself to find your Needs and your Resources.
8. Learn to bring your Needs and your Resources to the bargaining table and
    Negotiate or ReNegotiate your relationships. 

The process of my working with you begins with a "Personal-Self Quest" and the goal there is for me to lead you on the path to finding and falling in love with yourself. The final stage of this very unique Journey is the "Search for the Holy Grail of Truth." When you have captured these objectives, this Quest if over, but you will have learned to pursue your continuing, lifelong "Personal-Self Quest," the one you will take under your own guidance. In order to grow, we must continually seek change and then focus back within ourselves to monitor and take stock of our progress.  Once your "Personal-Self Quest" reveals your Truths, very new doors will open for you and you will take the education you are about to receive into very new and highly-productive directions. Our short and long-term goals are finding who you are, what you need, how you define your happiness, success, and fulfillment in life and what resources you have to barter at the ultimate goal of the bargaining table in which you will negotiate your relationships. Mostly, first we need to search for and find your strengths .. not your weaknesses. You have been influenced all your life by hearing about your *supposed* "weaknesses." But what about your *real* "Strength?"  Who has been forcing that information and insight onto you? No one! But that's what your "Personal-Self Quest" will begin to accomplish. I will show you how and I will take you to the path, and I will hand you the key, and I will guide you on your way, and I will pick you up if you fall... but you will spend the rest of your life "Personal-Self Questing, " and on a daily basis, you will be forever search for the "Holy Grail of Truth." It will always be hiding inside of you, very often behind the walls of your ego.

Please join me in the workshops which will change your life and the lives of all who you love. I can rescue you and you can rescue them and we can start the educational ball rolling and try to rescue those who will come after us. Reserve your seat now. I am holding these workshop groups to a maximum of 20 participants so that we can be more intimate in our exchanges while we learn and share. There are no obligations for attendance and no contracts to sign. I do suggest that you take the sessions in order as I will be building on an educational model and if you miss a session, you will lose vital foundational information. I will open as many sessions as I can to accommodate those who want seats, so please reserve your seat early so I can get a solid schedule in place and we can get started. If you are not satisfied at any given point, you are under no obligation to remain. You may pay at the start of each session or in advance.

You will find the workshops not only very enlightening, but also very exciting and fun. Many of my workshop clients have formed deeply-bonded friendships as a result of sharing in this learning process. Men seem to gain very special immediate, but rather unexpected benefits and then ask if they may register their partners to share the learning process with them. If the women have not started at the same time, they have missed the necessary foundation and the man really must start again with her so they are both at the same level of knowledge. Therefore, I would advise that partners who want to work our relationship issues or strengthen and expand their relationship, should really start together.

"Fall in Love with Yourself."  Learn how to "barter" for your happiness and fulfillment in Life. Discover your real "Needs" and "Wants" Discover the "Resources" you bring to the bargaining table. Learn how to effectively "Negotiate" a relationship. Discover your personal Dreams and strategies for chasing them. This could be the START of your Journey to Happiness and Fulfillment. It must start with your Journey into Self and that's where we will begin in the workshops. You will find the answers you have always searched for and the time to start is NOW.

If you wish private coaching, I do work with individuals, children, couples, entire families in crisis. It all begins at the level of discovering your "Inner Temperament" or what I will be calling your "Personal Self" as it is who we *really* are and expresses how we view the world and what our attitudes and expectations are. It also has two strongly-biological components which direct much about us which we need to understand and appreciate about ourselves and also share with others.

We all yearn for Love and Intimacy. I will borrow the definition for Love from my venerable father/teacher/mentor:


"Love is the Mutual Fulfillment of Needs: The Bee is to the Flower as the Flower is to the Bee."

...William Laut, D.O., M.D.

Time to start now... Just drop me an e-mail or give me a call and we will get started. If you call and get my voicemail, that means I am with a client and can't take the call, so please leave your name and phone number and I will call you the moment I am free. The best times to reach me are usually between 6 pm and 9 pm. I operate a one-woman business so I can keep expenses down to keep my services affordable. Thank you for your interest. Let's get started now. My success rate of satisfied clients has been 100%, so I feel very confident that you will achieve your realistic goals with my guidance and support ... I feel confident that I can help you with most of your personal, relationship, family, career, business problems as I have an extremely broad and diverse range of background and experience in most issues involved in the highly-complex and challenging Human Enterprise.

If you wish to schedule a group or workshop, please let me know and we will discuss it further.  See Details for Content

Thanks. Hope to see you soon.... Coach Judi 


What does your Personality say about who you are?

You have a "Personal Self" and a "Public Self,"

You only *see* your superficial "Public Self."

Until you discover your deepest "Personal Self," you can't find happiness, success, and fulfillment.

It's time to begin the Magnificent Journey of your lifetime. Your "Personal Quest into Self."

It's true that you can't Love someone until you learn to love yourself

It's true that you can't know someone else until you know yourself

It's true that you can't live with someone else until you can live with yourself.

Now is the time for you to find out who You Really Are and then BE Who You REALLY Are!

by Judi Stifel, Life Coach — Personal-Self Quest & Relationships Negotiating
Life Skills & Academic Coaching and Mentoring

Individual One-on-one Coaching • Groups • Workshops

Graduate Work in Clinical Psychology & Private Professional Research — Specialties in:

• Test Anxiety Management — Learn to prepare for tests without debilitating anxiety.
• Effective Study Skills / Maximize Grades — Learn to use your brain effectively to improve grades.
• "Personal Self" Assessment & Development — Understand yourself and others at the core.
• Self-Esteem & Confidence Building — Claim your positive personal power.
• Relationship Communication / Language of Intimacy — Improve your relationships.
• Relationship Management / Negotiation — Learn how to Negotiate new relationships
   or ReNegotiate old ones.
• Social Cues Development —Reading Unspoken language, expressions, paraverbals.
• Decision & Fear Management — Manage Irrational Fears and turn them into "Velvet Spiders."
• Anger Management — Redirect anger to an energy of positive power.
• Understanding & Expressing Feelings — Permission for Positive Feelings and Needs.
  This is an Unrecognized Core Issue for Men!
• Overcoming Fear of Intimacy — This is literally Starving us to Death! Love and Intimacy
  is the vital Core of relationship. We must start to overcome this problems NOW!!!

"Coach Judi" Stifel, Life Coach, Relationship & Business Coach
Self-Empowerment Confidence Strategies for Success
Pre & Post Employment Testing & Employee Efficiency Coaching

Personal-Self Quest Relationships Negotiating
Life Skills Academic Coaching Mentoring

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