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The job applicants below are fictitious by name and photograph, but their Evaluation Reports are those of Real Applicants who were hired as a result of the hidden information which was revealed about them prior to their final interviews. Their resumes and applications brought them far enough into the process that the employers decided to pay the small fee involved in testing their final contenders for the positions to make sure that they would acquire an ASSET instead of a liability and that they could count on their investments in training and salary and perhaps the start of innovative new projects would pay off in the long run as their valued employees invested in the company as much as the company invested in them. There is no way that a resume, application, or verbal interview, alone, could possibly produce so much hidden and valid information about an applicant–enough for the employer to reduce their risk and secure their investment and have confidence that their investment will pay off handsomely in terms of major returns on salary and training invested in an employee and profit generated by the maximized efficiency and productivity of that employee over many long years of job satisfaction and "win-win" in the workplace..   


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Even though nowhere on her resume could she cite a previous position with another company in this capacity, and she knew that she might be competing with someone trying to climb the ladder from within the company to that position, she put her best foot forward and just "opened on guts," as they say in a Poker game when they are confident that they will eventually have a good hand of cards to play...

Alex was right. She had competitors both from outside and inside the company. From her perspective, they were "one-trick ponies" in as much as they had been doing the same tasks for many years while she, loving challenge and variety, had a huge toolbox full of diverse skills and talents and knowledge. Had the company not decided to hire me to test their last three contenders, Alex would have been passed over and this position would have gone to someone very much below her powerful abilities. But, they looked below the surface and realized that "what you see is what you get" was not enough in her two competitors. When they looked into Alex, they saw a rare gem and they knew that she was the only one for the job. They hired her and the result has been a "win-win" for everyone involved. Alex has already set up a very powerful and profitable project for the company and everyone is excited about the prospects and the profits. As the Pre-Employment Evaluation Reports clearly showed, the other applicants could not have brought anything to the table to compare to the ASSETS which Alex has clearly contributed — ASSETS which were buried treasure and which were revealed only by my testing process.

Her Pre-Employment Evaluation report is linked here as a PDF file. If you have Acrobat Reader, you can open it and print it. If not, please
download Adobe Acrobat now. 
Read Alex Miller's Pre-Employment Profile Evaluation Report

Case #1—Alex Miller (fictitious names and picture) applied to R. J. Peter, Inc. in response to their ad in the local newspaper for a position as Directory of Education. After reading the requirements for the job, she not only felt confident that she could do it, but she was excited about the challenge in a new field and was ready to roll up her sleeves and dig into her vast toolbox and invest her heart and soul in the company and the ideology which they represented and which she respected and felt so excited about.


  Can You Afford to Hire the Wrong Person?
My fee for this Testing, Evaluation, and Report: $295

Case #2—Case #1—Carlos Ramos (fictitious names and picture) applied to H. M. Rand, Inc. for a position as a Substance Abuse Counselor which was posted on their web site. He had three major strikes against him while competing for this job. First, he was male and almost all of the counselors at this agency were female, and so was the Clinical Director, who was not only in charge of all of the counselors, but she had to approve him regardless of how well his interview went with the Director of their Human Resources department. His second, and really more serious handicap, was that he had never BEEN a substance abuser and the company felt that anyone who had never fought and won against the foe of drugs and alcohol could not do an effective job of helping. Being Hispanic was not really an issue, but his accent was fairly thick and they worried about how well the flow would go in a therapy session because of it.

There was no shortage of competition for this position. The Human Resources department had a large stack of resumes and it came down to four final applicants who looked good on paper. Because the agency had Federal funding and auditors to consider and they had been in hot water in the past with counselors whose records came under negative scrutiny by the auditors and it had cost them in several ways, they were particularly sensitive about who they hired and decided to bring me in to test their final applicants. The resultant Pre-Employment Evaluation Report won Carlos the job hands down. They selected which results they wanted and I only tested for what they wanted, so I did not do the same full, executive profile for Carlos that I did for Alex. If you read the report for Carlos, you will understand why it was my testing which helped them make the right decision to hire him above the rest.

His Pre-Employment Evaluation report is linked here as a PDF file. If you have Acrobat Reader, you can open it and print it. If not, please
download Adobe Acrobat now. 
Read Carlos Ramos' Pre-Employment Profile Evaluation Report

Can You Afford to Hire the Wrong Person?
My fee for this Testing, Evaluation, and Report: $225


Bottom Line:

The wrong employees can cost you in more ways than I could even begin to list here, but the Right employees can put your business on top and keep it there. You make the difference in who you hire. Coach Judi can help you gain the advantages in both hiring the right person for the job and increasing the efficiency and productivity in the employees who you currently have onboard. 

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Disclaimer: Tests and reports do not include background checks or experiential qualifications for any particular job. Personality assessments are based on the huge bodies of work established over the years by Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs, countless personality theorists, and my own professional work and research over the last 20 years of working with clients related to Personality Theory. My purpose is to help employers and employees develop "win-win" relationships by mining natural personality data which lies below the surface of an applicant or current employee in connection with both the hiring process and a process of negotiation and/or education between business owners and their employees to both improve working relationships and to help maximize workplace efficiency and productivity by greater understanding of the nature of the individuals involved. My liability is limited to assessing and reporting information determined by the truthful responses to my questions posed to clients, applicants, and employees and to the best of my ability using my professional skills and instruments to determine personality components as they relate to the workplace and to report to the client my findings in writing and or by verbal support and coaching and determined by assessing the truthful responses of applicants and employees. I cannot guaranty the preparedness or skills of an applicant or employee for the performance of any job nor can I guaranty how they will use the potential which is part of their nature. I will report my findings to the client so they can gain the advantages of a more in-depth awareness of the applicant/employee's personality based on personality and other testing which I can administer. The decision to hire, fire, or make changes in the workplace, regardless of my input of data, rests strictly with the client. I accept no liability to anyone and for any reason for the results of any decisions made by the client in connection with hiring, firing, or changes made in the workplace relative to any information or coaching support which I have contributed. All testing requires written permission both from the client and the applicant/employee.

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