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Unlike other Personality Theorists, I believe that our Personality is biological and that we are born with the Personality which will direct us throughout our lives. As we develop within our culture, we are further shaped by our environment into the person who we become in adulthood. As a Personality, we are comprised of a combination of four major sub-sets of components which defined us by their quality and their relationships to one another. While there are 16 recognized Personality Types, or Temperaments, I believe that Personality is a container and we each fit it differently, but we share the common traits and potentials that others of our type have in common with us; however, we are further influenced by our gender, intelligence, environment, education, physical, mental, emotional, psychological health, and our life experiences. In my private sessions and workshops we will explore both the components and the whole in great detail.

After a self-report of your preferences in the workshop, you will receive the identity of your Personal-Self Temperament Profile. This will be the starting point of your Journey which we will refer to as your "Personal-Self Quest." This is only the beginning as your profile as it will only reflect the basic components of who you are but will not describe all of who you are. You will discover and describe that yourself as you explore inside and move along your internal path. As you continue to grow, your unique self-descriptions will become more elaborate and complex and your self-awareness and understanding of self will become deeper and more comprehensive.

After your self-report assessment in the workshop takes place, you will be given a link to follow to locate your Profile, which is where we will begin the Journey into your Personal-Self.  You will then begin to "Unchange" the negative influences of the environment around you and begin to reclaim "who you really are." You will find the "bricks" of your personal components and then you will break loose and discard the "mortar" of the past.  You will "label," "cleanse," and "shine" your bricks and then "stack" them in preparation for "building the structure" which is the "real you," thus "unchanging" yourself back to "who you really are." In the process, you will have discovered your Strengths, your Needs, and your Resources.

When you reach the end of your own Personal-Self Quest and Journey, you should arrive at the Gate of "Love and Intimacy." That's what we all need and want in life and that's what we all are pursuing. We do not all make it because it takes Awareness, Intelligence, Motivation, Courage, Time, Education, and Maturity to realize what we need and want, to label it, to come to terms with our fears of it, to develop confidence in our ability to deal with it successfully, to devise an effective strategy to go after it, and finally, to "barter"/Negotiate honestly, openly, and successfully for it. But the needs are universal and we must be well-prepared to confront the "Gatekeeper" when and if we finally arrive at that Gate.

I would never ask anyone to do what I have not done myself. I have struggled successfully down this path alone, and pointed the way for many others since, so I am qualified to lead others up to the "Gate." The rest of the Journey is a "Partnership" and becomes a "Relationship Dance" for two.

Best Wishes for Good Health, Ecstatic Happiness and Fulfillment, Longevity, and Good Fortune... And, mostly, may the Music Never Stop Playing for You and Yours...

Coach Judi

Temperament Profiles are loosely taken from Psychological Types, based primarily upon the works of Carl G. Jung, pioneer psychologist, and of Isabel Briggs Myers, creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). MBTI® and MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR® are registered trademarks and MYERS-BRIGGS™ is a trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., the publisher of the MBTI instrument. I am not affiliated with and am not a licensee of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. 

These are famous people who represent the 16 Personality Types and their general attitudes.

Joan of Arc

"I Need Freedom Please"
Albert Einstein

"I Need Theoretical Principles"
Stephen Spielberg

"I'm Sensitive Faithful Positive"
Mary Tyler Moore

"Everyone Should Feel Joyous"
Carl Rogers

"Enthusiastic Need-Fulfilling Pleasers"
Thomas Edison

"Enter Negotiations
Toward Progress"
Marilyn Monroe

"Experience Some Fun People"
Jimmy Stewart

"I Sense Feelings Joyfully"
Jesus, Gandhi,

Mother Teresa
"I Ne
ed Freedom and Justice"
Issac Newton

"Independence Naturally
Theorizes Justice"
President Kennedy

"Everyone Should Target Peace"
President Truman

"Everyone Should Target Justice"
Oprah Winfrey

"Everyone's Needs
Fulfilled Joyfully"

"Excel Notably
Tactically Juxtaposed"
Katherine Hepburn

"I Stand Tall and Proud"
George Washington

" I Stand Tall for Justice"

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