What are Women REALLY thinking?

                       Men and Women are Both from Earth,
       but we do have serious communications problems

he Good News is that it's NOT anyone's Fault. The BEST News is that I can teach you how to understand what women are thinking and why what they say and what they mean don't always SEEM  to be the same thing.

It's not your fault, and it's not even their fault. It happened a long time ago in American... kind of a "Cultural Accident." My mission is to try to fix this situation so men and woman can go back to the natural state of working together as cooperative teams, which first means speaking and understanding the same language. I can help and I will help so that you will be safe from any kind of attacks. No one is Right and no one is Wrong. We are all innocent victims of a cultural accident which happened a long time ago. We need to learn about it and use that education to overcome and rebuild effective communications. We can do it through education—if we work together.

We can work with groups of all men or with mixed groups or with couples. Men and women need to be educated and then they need to begin to work together. It works best if you come with your lady, but if you feel uncomfortable about that, I am used to working very comfortably with individual men or groups of men and they are comfortable working with me. If you prefer to learn with other men, let me know and we will put a men's group together for that purpose. Again, there are no "bad guys" and no one is at "fault." An accident occurred which hurt men first and then women... and then all of us as a culture...during the Industrial Revolution and it has done painful damage to all of us. We need to stop the damage and repair it if we all hope for happiness. No one needs to "Change." We all need to "Unchange," and go back to "who we really are."

Send me an e-mail or call me and we can set up an appointment or create a men's group and you will learn what you need to learn and be safe and respected in an all-positive classroom environment. Risk 16 hours of your life on what could be the best investment you have ever made for yourself and your family. Yes, I am a woman and only a woman can teach a man to understand what women are thinking and what they mean when they seem to make no sense. I speak that language, myself, but I also understand the problems and I am an educator specialized in these issues so we will be an educational team working to overcome the current gaps in communications between men and women.. who seem to be from Venus and Mars but truly are from Earth.

Coach Judi

Hey, Joey, put your arms around me, please!!!
It started even
before this
      awkward time.

Hey, Big Joe, how about putting those arms around me!

Here's a "joke" which almost all women "Get" and few men "Get."
Read it and then I will give you the answer.

newly-wed couple arrives in their honeymoon hotel suite. The bride goes into the bathroom and returns a few minutes later wearing a rather flimsy nightgown. Her new husband says, "Honey take that off." She replies "No". Again, he says, "Come on honey, take that off." She replies, "No". A third time he says (quite angry), "Take that off". Again she replies, "No". He stands up, and says very angrily, "If you don't take that off, I'm leaving." She replies "No."

He storms out of the room and proceeds to the hotel lounge. After about an hour and a few drinks he feels quite remorseful about having had an argument with his new bride on their wedding night. He returns to their room only to find the door locked and bolted. He knocks lightly. She says "Yes, who is it. "He replies, "It's me hon' open the door." She replies, "No." He says, "Honey, I'm sorry, please open the door." She replies, "No." A little angry he says "Look I'm really sorry, open the door. "She replies, "No." His full anger has returned as he says "Look if you don't open this door I'm going to knock it down." After a brief pause she says, "Knock the door down, when did you get so strong, an hour ago you couldn't pick up a night gown!"

Please, Joe, tune into my meaning, not my words!
Answer: As every woman knows, the man was supposed to lovingly remove the nightgown, not demand that she take it off and stand blatantly, vulnerably, stark naked before him like some deer he had just bagged. A woman is shy and demure on her wedding night. Whether she is a virgin or not, the tone for the marriage is set on that very important evening and she wants to present herself to her new bridegroom as being "virginal" and shy. Intimacy is a "shared process," not a matter of one person making demands of another despite their wishes. This has the flavor of the Hollywood producer demanding to see the hopeful starlet naked and on his casting couch before "consummating" the deal. It would feel humiliating and too vulnerable to strip before a judge. This needed to be a shared process of two sensitive and willing players. For her to just "strip," may make her look less virtuous than she wishes to appear, and feel that way, too. She might be humiliated. Most women would. He needs to help her preserve her shyness, dignity, and innocence by very gently, slowly, respectfully, sensitively ... tenderly ... removing it from her himself.. kind of unwrapping her like a pristine and delicate wedding present. She is presenting herself to him. He needs to then "accept" her and "unwrap" her slowly and lovingly.. with respect. By not doing so, he makes her feel rejected. Had she removed the night gown herself on his demands, she might have felt undervalued, even "cheap." Had she taken it off in front of him as he demanded, she might have felt like a "stripper" and he might have even thought her morals were not so great after the fact, even though he had demanded it himself. Both of them might have lived to regret that act as the intimacy of their relationship might have begun on a sour note. She was trying to preserve it and start it on a good note.. but he was not listening .. not "catching" what she was trying to "pitch." But, it's not his fault.. Nor is it hers....

Unfortunately, many relationships are faced with such mixed messages and miscommunications on a daily basis. The solution is relatively simplistic, but getting to it is an educational process. This is a typical scenario in our culture and no one is at fault. But education is what is needed and both the men and women must learn, preferably together, or relationships are destined for failure. This "Joke" is not so much a "joke" as a very good lesson... and Sadly so.... In my coaching sessions, I teach "Relationship Communications" which will help to overcome this myth that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. We are all supposed to speak the language of Earth. Come to my sessions and learn what may seem to be a "Miracle Communications Cure" because of how powerful the results are and how easily the lessons can be learned. It doesn't hurt one single bit and it helps a great deal. Betcha didn't know all of this was going on under the surface. You and your life partner need to throw out the old language and begin to create a new, and much more simple one which works for both of you.. It's not your fault and not her fault.. No one is at fault and fault doesn't matter anyway. Only finding "Win-Win Solutions" matters. I can help with logical, scientifically-based education, with no blames and no faults and no attacks and no injured egos.. and very concisely and quickly. You have nothing to lose but your confusion and unhappiness and I'm sure you are willing to lose those. Write or call for an appointment alone or with your lady for one-to-one coaching or workshops if you have a group who wish to participate and find out "what women are really thinking."

We all need love and intimacy but none of us can have it
if we can't develop "Effective Communication."
It needs to be a priority in our lives and that will take education.
My coaching sessions and workshops will provide that education.

These two people love each other. They loved each other enough to make a lifetime commitment. But, they don't understand each other because they can't communicate effectively. The ONLY problem is lack of "Effective Communication."

When John Gray wrote his book, "Women are from Venus; Men are from Mars," he pointed out the reality of the gender relationship gap, which has been vitally important for us to realize. My research has revealed causes and strategies to overcome this urgent relationship problem and I stand ready and able to teach you what I have learned so that there will no longer be a communication gap between you and your significant other and the behavior of women will no longer defy logical explanation. Please give me a call; you will be happy that you did. 

Coach Judi:
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Hey, we really just need to talk!!

In the course of my very lengthy and in-depth research I have discovered the missing pieces of the puzzle and I know what to do to remedy this terrible situation which has destroyed couples, families, and has left us in much worse shape than even you suspect at this moment. The process to remedy this tragic situation is purely Educational, NOT therapy. No one is at fault here. We are all innocent victims, but there is work to do and it all starts with learning the facts and then applying them to form solutions.

With my coaching, you will learn the facts and you will learn how to apply them to find your solutions. We all need love and intimacy in our lives and we can't have it if men and women can't work together as cooperative life partners. They can't be cooperative life partners without "Effective Communications." I can help and I will help if you will participate. We have work to do and it starts with you. Call or e-mail me now to make an appointment.

Thanks. Coach Judi :-)

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