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Under the great smile, artful resume, and impressive application is a unique person with strengths and weaknesses which you would like revealed before you interview and possibly hire them. Certainly, you want to know before you put them to work. You can gain the advantage of insight into the individual when I test your chosen applicants and provide you with an in-depth personal profile so you know where to focus your interests and concerns with questions and observations during your interview with them. No tool could contribute more to helping you make a more "informed" decision on who to hire for the job. You can minimize your risks, reduce time invested in the hiring process, and maximize profits and employee productivity if you hire the applicant best suited to the job. I can help you determine who has the potential to be the best candidate considered for the Job. While I can make no guarantees about the future for anyone, I can probe for essential personality-related information from applicants and help to reveal what lies below the surface—providing you objective data upon which to make your hiring decisions.  


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  Case #1—You need to hire two sales reps from this group of applicants. They all look great. How can you choose only two and send five of them away? Who do you choose?

There are people who have a natural need to be stimulated by others and there are those who have developed social skills and selling technique, but it's not their nature so they can become stressed or exhausted and need timeouts on the job...sometimes frequently. Two of these applicants may feel like they have empty gas tanks if they are not interacting with others. They naturally crave that continual interaction. You need to find those two because their productivity may far exceed those who need timeouts for rest from the stresses of interacting with others on the job. Find out who needs their personal "gas tank" filled with human interaction and hire them to sell, sell, sell!



Case #2—This applicant has a smile which nearly sells itself and her. It's almost possible to "hear" her sunny smile on the telephone while she is representing you well in communication with your clients and customers. However, maybe you could be missing the boat and only using ten percent of her potential value to your company. Maybe not... but, still, maybe she has another hidden 90% which could be tapped if only you knew that it exists and how to tap into it. 

Some people are natural "helper personalities" and their greatest reward is NOT money but "recognition." They will bend over backwards for the right kind of recognition if you can spot that need and how they need it to be fulfilled. Many people, male and female, who have "helper personalities" also have exceptional, natural, leadership abilities. Sometimes they know it already, but sometimes they have no idea and they are an untapped goldmine just waiting for the right person to come along and open the door to opportunity for them. Since they are not motivated first by money, but by the "feel-good" rewards of recognition, they are among the most loyal employers and if they are happy, they will stay for many years, no matter who might offer them more money, and your investment in them will pay off handsomely. But, you need to be able to recognize that they are "gold mines" and that there is a rare "win-win" to be had and how to go after it. That's something that I will be looking for when I am testing your applicants and, if I observe those rare qualities in an applicant, I will report it in my findings. Can you afford to lose this kind of golden opportunity? What would the "opportunity cost" be if someone like this slipped through your fingers because you simply did not know the true worth of that valuable person answering your telephones? She might be stuck in a "pink collar" job and you might be looking for good management material when all the time it's answering your telephones.


  Case #3—Sometimes a person leaves their job because of too much stress and they apply for a job elsewhere hoping for greater career/job satisfaction. This man appears anxious at the initial interview. What could that mean? Should you pass on him?

Working environment plays a very large part not only in job satisfaction but also in job performance and productivity. In fact, there are cases when just the working environment can make or break an employee and how well or poorly they fit into your organization. 

There are basic personality components which determine if a person works more effectively, efficiently, or productively working by themselves in a very private, quiet, environment which they can control—keeping down traffic, noise, telephone calls, interruptions, harsh lighting, odors, and temperature extremes. Some of these people are more environmentally sensitive than others. Not understanding their basic personality structure in this regard, and that it is biological and cannot be changed, can cause a highly-valuable employee to become dysfunctional or to leave if there is no way to negotiate their stresses. They may not be able to identify the issues themselves so they may not be able to communicate what is wrong or what will help. A job or environment which forces this person to be in the center of chaos and too much outside stimulation from interactions with others and input from the environment might make them look like a liability to the business. However, after testing and assessing the applicant or current employee and determining their basic personality components, it is possible that moving them to a private, quiet place and maybe even changing their duties to complement their personality instead of conflicting with it, they may turn out to be a "one-man/one-woman" army of skills and energy and become the one employee who can be counted on to take the initiative and work un-supervised and run rings around anyone else working for the company. So, testing this applicant or employee could unearth a gem which has been waiting for a very long time to be discovered and put to effective, super-productive work.


Case #4—Learning a person's preferences in how they interact with both family and friends will often give some hints of how well they work as a team member, what position they might take within that team, and the size and nature of the group which would speak to their "comfort zone." My research supports my belief that men and woman both have the potential for being nurturing and protecting, but those qualities are different in each gender. 

Based on the nuclear family experience, the birth position within that family, the gender of siblings, the brain hemisphere dominance, and the components of personality, it is possible to have more insight into the ease or difficulty which an applicant or current employee might feel within a particular group setting. When combined with all other insight gathered from the testing and interviewing which I do, it is possible to gain an advantage in learning the team dynamics strengths and weaknesses of an applicant or to re-evaluate a current employee and perhaps make changes in their working environment to cultivate more value, more job satisfaction, and more productivity. Your employees are the additional arms and legs of your business and in all ways they form the bridge between you and your customers, which means sales. Help them to be the best that they can be and your company will profit by having the best bridge to sales.



Bottom Line:

Human beings are way too varied and complex for me to represent here the full spectrum of ALL the kinds of information my testing and interviewing may reveal to help you make more informed decisions in your hiring of new employees, in your re-evaluations of current employees, in your negotiation of employee discontent in the workplace, and in workshops intended for your employees, (management and workers), to form mutual empathy and understanding, respect, and cooperation on the job. 

Typically, individuals spend more time on the job and with coworkers than they do at home with their families. When needs are mutually-fulfilled in the workplace, there is a "win-win" potential for all and your business benefits in qualities which could have huge price tags on them, if you had to buy them—such as increased employee job satisfaction, greater employee efficiency, higher employee productivity, more employee ego-investment in the job, more reciprocal loyalty, and the sending of messages through your employees' attitudes to your customers/clients and potential customers/clients that everything about your business is high-quality, reliable, supportive, and will easily stand the test of time. 

This ultimately means that you save money because you get more and better job performance for the salary dollars you must spend anyway and you increase profits in more sales, repeat sales from customer loyalty, and more profit for you. Remember that when a potential customer/client see frowns and a noticeable turnover in your employees, you lose credibility with them. 

IMPORTANT: The message is clear to a potential customer/client that a company which treats its employees well has leadership which has already revealed its character at the deepest levels. Most people "know" on an "intuitive level" that how we see someone treat others is probably the same way they will treat us. So, your first step in sales is to sell the "character" of your leadership. It will be written all over your employees and will go a long way in predicting your company profits.


Disclaimer: Tests and reports do not include background checks or experiential qualifications for any particular job. Personality assessments are based on the huge bodies of work established over the years by Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs, countless personality theorists, and my own professional work and research over the last 20 years of working with clients related to Personality Theory. My purpose is to help employers and employees develop "win-win" relationships by mining natural personality data which lies below the surface of an applicant or current employee in connection with both the hiring process and a process of negotiation and/or education between business owners and their employees to both improve working relationships and to help maximize workplace efficiency and productivity by greater understanding of the nature of the individuals involved. My liability is limited to assessing and reporting information determined by the truthful responses to my questions posed to clients, applicants, and employees and to the best of my ability using my professional skills and instruments to determine personality components as they relate to the workplace and to report to the client my findings in writing and or by verbal support and coaching and determined by assessing the truthful responses of applicants and employees. I cannot guaranty the preparedness or skills of an applicant or employee for the performance of any job nor can I guaranty how they will use the potential which is part of their nature. I will report my findings to the client so they can gain the advantages of a more in-depth awareness of the applicant/employee's personality based on personality and other testing which I can administer. The decision to hire, fire, or make changes in the workplace, regardless of my input of data, rests strictly with the client. I accept no liability to anyone and for any reason for the results of any decisions made by the client in connection with hiring, firing, or changes made in the workplace relative to any information or coaching support which I have contributed. All testing requires written permission both from the client and the applicant/employee.

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